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It is once said that art is simply a creative expression of our experiences. At its core, art effortlessly captures our soul. On the same note, it also effectively conveys the spirit of our daily adventures. 

I have lived in Fairfield for three years.  I witness how art imbued the city with marvelous sights that in effect enriched people’s overall experience- both for tourists and residents alike. 
The merry-looking garden tendered by the community, the all-out holiday decors, and to the wall paintings by the corners as you stroll downtown: it’s clear, we are at the footstep of none less than-an art haven.
Aside from those thoughtful spectacles, there is more artistic adventures that Fairfield offers.

Here are some of the ways arts have become an intrinsic feature of the city’s trades and culture; and on how you can experience them first hand :

The heart of the city is surrounded by established art museums. Immerse completely to these visual masterpieces!  

The Renaissance-themed stores, the Vedic-inspired structures, and the famous golden domes are only some of the architecture you should not miss. Go, see them by your own very eyes as they take your breath away.      

Art and Craft Stores
Why not plunge into the inspirations while it’s still there?  Get yourself a good paintbrush or any local-made art materials. 

A tattoo would be a good idea if you want to permanently embody the inspirations you ran into during your trip. Meet Fairfield's renowned top talented tattoo artists. 

To complete your art tour experience, you must attend the theatrical shows and festive events at Fairfield Arts & Convention Center.  Witness the fun as it happens.   

(Pictures used, CTTO)


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