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Here's how habits influence our physical forms

  We were never really instructed how to properly use our bodies. Using our bodies has been instinctive to us, anyway. We did not have to have a manual to figure out how to harness our physical faculties. When we were born, we simply knew how to cry. As infants, we developed motor skills on our own.   But what if, along the way, we picked up some bad habits that in a way contradict how our bodies were designed for, or, an evolutionary perspective, adapted into? What if a group of the biological switches imprinted in our genes, resolved to favor nonoptimal ways to function, say, triggered by ailments or driven to compensate for a traumatic childhood experience? Or what if we simply just did not develop the right muscles to be more efficient, maybe because of the lifestyles we found ourselves in?  What if we can improve ourselves as individuals by learning how to properly utilize our physical bodies, correct counterproductive mannerisms, or by incorporating activities to be able to opera

Canary Eldrione

“When your light is about to blossom, yet you have to radiate. Legacy, a heavy anchor, engraved in your fate In the midst of the adversary, a canary's warbles resonate. Know their heart’s intent, the force, that judge the end Hearing hymns of soul roaring in depth  Contravene! Mend the sorrow, let peace reign!”

Character 2: Lucas Artic

Excerpt from my novel: “His valor and bravery, traits in pleasant quality  Lord of swords and the legend in archery.  The arm force, the strength that built the sanctuary.” “Lo! Decimation, a plot not intended to mold. But if life at stake, at the last resort,  Unleash thy fierce, thy skills shall employ”

My Cambridge "Make Difference" Story

    Two and a half years ago, I was intensely deliberating if I should buy the bus ticket to see my pregnant wife. She was in South Dakota while I temporarily lived in the graduate school’s dorm in Fairfield Iowa.       At that time, after completing the foundational academic courses, I fortunately became eligible to seek employment under  CPT (Curriculum Practical Training) terms. I was hopeful. However, I knew that it might take several months to really land a job, more so knowing that I only hold a nonresident visa.     With no source of livelihood yet, that bus ticket was ultimately a luxury to afford, nonetheless. I was expecting that the hospital bills would continue deluging their way to dig the remainders of our moribund financial means.       Looking at the ultrasound photos of my beautiful daughter, in her yet primordial form, I told myself “I will be by their side! Bahala na!”. It’s a Filipino way of saying “I am taking the chance so let it be!”.        Now, I work in Cambri